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College Student Discounts

Best Student Discounts

Student discounts are something I really wish I could have taken advantage of more often when I was in college. I used that were offered on campus, but so many stores offer student discounts that I didn’t even realize until I was on my way out. So heres a list of some of the best […]

Bed, Bath, and Beyond Organization

Let’s Get Organized

Today I wanted to talk about staying organized when you only have so much space. In my room at home I not only sleep and live there, but it’s also my office space (honestly, it’s a little like a college dorm room). With this being the case I am always on the look outĀ for better […]

Moo's Musing College Graduation

That One Time I Graduated

Recently I realized that I never posted anything about my graduation, and I mean it is kind of a big deal. Considering it has now been about a month since I graduated I thought it was time to share. Graduation feels kind of like a blur. It’s a totally normal day, but yet it completely […]

Mariah Cooke
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