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Target Textured Cardigan

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit

As someone who doesn’t have a large family holidays are usually kept very small. The most we ever have over is no more than 10. Dressing up for the holidays really has never been a thing in my house because we never had a reason to. We eat our Thanksgiving meal for lunch so the […]

New Years Eve Tank Top Outfit

What Are You Doing New Years Eve

New Years Eve plans…either you got them or you don’t. There really is no in between with this holiday. I think it tends to sneak up on people since it’s so close to Christmas. Whenever I try to make plans before Christmas has passed it’s always just a little too difficult, but then Christmas passes […]


A Good Cardigan Is Hard To Find

It’s still not cooling down here. I mean it’s slowly coming, but the heat is still a real thing. I got a glimpse of it a bit ago and got to wear this cardigan. Does anyone else relate to the fact that a good cardigan is hard to find? I mean it’s almost as hard […]

Red Cardigan Outfit

I Still Love Valentines Day

This outfit instantly became one of my favorites! I have already reworn a version of it once, and I keep being drawn to wanting to wear it again. It was so comfortable, yet so cute, and I felt so good in it! That’s how you know a really great outfit. When you can walk out […]

Moo's Musing Camel Fedora

Running Errands

For Christmas this year I had on my list a wide brimmed hat, and I was pleasantly surprised with the two my mom picked out for me! For the first time that I wore this camel colored fedora, I chose to pair it with a more simple outfit since I was just running errands around town. Plus, […]


Just Came Together

  This outfit came together in a very “I didn’t wash my hair, and it looks really bad kind of way.” I threw my hair up in a bun and then added the bow. If you all don’t know this already I love bows. They make me feel girly, and adorable. So on the bow went […]

Mariah Cooke
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