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thermal long sleeve outfit

Christmas Shopping Errands

It’s been awhile since I’ve still been Christmas shopping this close to Christmas! It’s a little stressful. I blame it on my father. That man is so hard to shop for! Seriously the list he gave us had 4 things on it…you read that right. 4! It’s impossible really. So off I go still on […]

casual outfit inspiration

Casual Stripes

Another striped top. I know…but I mean it’s so cute and casual! When I bought this american eagle actually had like multiple color options. So yes, I bought more than one. #guilty This tee is sooooo soft though!! Like unbelievably soft. Not to mention it’s on sale…for less than $10. Yes, you read that right. […]

American Eagle Flannel

Lounge Wear

If all of the fashion bloggers in the world were really honest I wonder what the ratio of actual clothes to sweats we actually wear would be. I mean I wear the majority of my clothes. I can’t think of a time I ever went to class in my pajamas, sweats, or leggings while in […]

Flannel Beach Outfit

A Weekend Away

This past weekend was seriously amazing! I drove down to San Diego to visit a few friends of mine that I hadn’t seen in almost a year! I met them camping last year in March ( which you can read about here). Alexis and I really hit it off when we were camping and have […]

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