A Sunday In Paris

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Our second day in Paris was a Sunday. We started the day off by visiting a church service. While it was amazing to see a church service in Paris everything was in French so ya know we didn’t understand very much of it!

After that we started the day at the Musée d’Orsay. I had read a lot about how beautiful this museum was, and it did not disappoint. We ate a small meal there in the same room as the world famous clock. I was bummed we didn’t get a picture in front of it because there was a lady with a stroller who literally left the stroller there for the full time of our meal. Come on lady! It’s a famous instagramable spot!

The museum itself was really incredible though. I can’t believe that I walked through and saw Van Gough’s! We study so many things being an art major, but to think that I actually traveled to the museums that hold these famous works of art and saw them in person rather than just in a school textbook is incredible. People go their entire lives not even knowing about art, or studying it but never seeing it. Yet, I was so blessed to travel and see it! My brain is still blown!

One item that I absolutely knew I wanted to bring home from Paris was perfume. Your sense of smell if really strong, and the memories that attach to smell is incredible. So buying perfume and wearing it while in Paris was something I wanted to associate with my trip. We happened to stumble into this shop while exploring, and I fell in love with their perfume. It is meant to be layered so rather than just a bottle you can buy multiple and layer them in different ways to create different smells. I bought Immortelle, and Bigarade. You can see the little shop in the video below.

We happened upon the shop on our way to Luxembourg Palace. I think that this was one of my favorite places in Paris. The gardens are huge and amazing. The little pond/lake thing in the front with all the boats was so cute! I loved how a ton of Parisians just sat around the gardens, hung out, read, or watched their children play. It was just such a lovely outdoor spot. This is one of the places I would just love to go back to and see all in bloom and leaves on the trees!

From there we headed to the Pantheon which was pretty cool. I love physics so the whole pendulum thing was fascinating to me! After that we went to Shakespeare and Company. Now this is literally just a book store…I’m not sure what made me think it was going to be something else, but nope just a book store. Right across the way is Notre Dame. Again with the perfect timing, we headed there just as it chimed! I’m telling you, us and timing really got along this vacation!

There ya have it for Day 2 in Paris! Watch the vlog and let me know what you think!

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    That looks like the perfect sunday! I dream of spending a lazy sunday in Paris.

    La Belle Sirene

    1. Reply

      It was so amazing. I just want to go back already.

  2. Reply

    Ah, my favorite city in the world! I love the perfume idea…will have to do that next time!

    1. Reply

      I am seriously loving the perfume! It still reminds me of the city.

  3. Reply

    This looks like the best day! Beautiful weather!

    1. Reply

      It was totally amazing Rachel!

    • Leah
    • April 18, 2017

    Beautiful photos. All I can say is…I’m so jealous!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Leah!

  4. I can’t wait to get to Paris one day…can I just say, I LOVE all of your outfits?! P.S. I sent you an email the other week!

    1. Reply

      So sorry for the delay! I emailed you back!

  5. Reply

    Beautiful photos. Gices me a great idea for my next trip

    1. Reply

      Yes! Totally worth the visit!

  6. Reply

    You are the freakin’ CUTEST!!!!!!! Girl crush? DUH.

    Rachel /

  7. Reply

    These photos are beautiful! They make me miss Paris so much!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Chelsea! I already want to go back.

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