Striving Not To Judge

Okay readers! This post is going to be a real, open, heartfelt post. I want to talk about something I took away from camp this weekend. One thing that a speaker said was how we as Christians are called to take on Christ’s heart and to love others the way He loves us. I know that since I have grown up in the church this concept is nothing new to me. However, lately it has taken on a whole new meaning to me.
I can be a super judgmental person. I know this about myself. I also know that I may not be very friendly. I am not one to judge someone for their past or anything like that! I know everyone has their past mistakes and their own story. I myself have my own. Yet, I seem to judge a person in my own mind based on their personality or the way they ma act with friends. This being said I am nice! I have no problem being nice to people, and I am super compassionate. One gift that God has given me is how much I care for others. I love to listen to someone’s story, and I love to be able to pray for them. Yet, I also am a people watcher, and can tell what kind of a person someone is from the beginning. This causes me to judge people very  very quickly. Most of my close friends also know that I will never be fake, and I do not put up with fake people. After so many years of not putting up with drama and crap that many girls can cause I have very few close girlfriends.
This weekend I realized that by being judgmental and not always putting up with people I may not come off as nice or loving them as Christ loves the church. This right there is wrong. I want others to know that I love them because Christ loves them.
With the start of my new job on my school campus it has really made me think of the type of woman I want to come off as. I remember coming onto campus my freshman year and how everyone was so nice and welcoming. That is one of my favorite aspects of my college. I also remember meeting the girls in my office now and how sweet they were and are to me. Now that I get to be apart of this office and be one of those girls that people know and see when they come onto campus I have asked myself the question “who are they going to see when they meet me?”
I know that I do not want others to think of me as rude or unkind. I want to be known as helpful, loving, friendly, and kind. I know that I don’t have to change who I am or start putting up with drama, but yet I can strive to be not as judgmental. God listens and doesn’t judge us for our personality or the way we may act at time so why should I be judging others? If I am truly having a heart that Christ has for others then I am going to love them unconditionally. Just as Christ loves me.
I challenge y’all to evaluate yourselves and how often you may look at others and judge them.


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Mariah Cooke
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