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white shirt: forever 21
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Hello Friends!
I am exhausted. Between work and school and this move I am not sleeping well, and all I want is a night to relax where my school books, and a blank word document, that is just reminding me of the papers due, at bay. I want it all to go away! The boxes, the work, and the chaos.
In the midst of all this business, and stress I am realizing there are little things that give me a sense of calm and peace. For me it is the moment of silence in the shower when you can just stand there with the water running waiting for God to reveal himself to you. Or the few moments after you have turned off the alarm in the morning and you can lay in bed with silence all around you before you start the day before you. I find God and His wonderful peace in those moments. He reminds me like in my devotion today that He is bigger than even my longest paper or the biggest box.
So friends what do you do in your time of stress and chaos to have at least a few moments of relaxation or peace and quiet? What reminds you that God is large and in charge?


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Mariah Cooke
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