Spending Time Outside with L.L.Bean

moos musing l.l.bean
moos musing l.l.bean
l.l.bean fleece
green fleece jacket
bean boots

This year has been tough for everyone. There’s been no denying that. Even if you weren’t that much affected by the pandemic, you were probably affected with the lack of options of things to do. With movie theaters, restaurants, and stores closed even if you didn’t want to stay home you had to (and you should have). I think everyone in the world has been forced to spend more time with their families, and outside in nature. In my opinion those are two very very good things to come of this crazy year!

Getting outdoors was probably the best thing for everyone! Clean air, and exercise in any form is a good thing. Adam and I love to walk! Even before we got Gracie we’d take walks around the neighborhood. Now having a dog we walk and go to the park almost daily. It’s a fun time had by all (especially Gracie). Running around, throwing the ball, and just spending quality time together.

While it is not anywhere near the cold temperatures of the East Coast, the weather in So Cal does cool down. These fleeces from L.L.Bean are perfect for our walks! It has a thin cozy lining on the inside and keeps me pretty warm. The green jacket is by far the warmest though! I love that I can layer it and the fleece inside is perfect for our night time walks. Plus, when it does rain the all too famous Bean Boots are gonna come in handy! I love that L.L.Bean also carries dog coats and fleeces too. I am of course the dog mom who matches.

What’s been your favorite way to be outside this year?

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    Love the pullover! And you puppy is soooo cute <3

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      Aw thanks Kenzie!

    • Steph
    • January 1, 2021

    Love the matching navy sweaters with your pup! So cute!! I love just taking walks outside with the kiddos or letting them run around at the park

    Xo, steph

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      I bet that totally helps with their energy levels too.

    • Lizzie
    • December 30, 2020

    You look like a model in an outdoor ad! This definitely makes me want to get outside a bit more 🙂


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      Aw thanks Lizzie! That’s so kind.

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    Slowly my whole closet is turning into an L.L.Bean Catalogue! They’ve got such great, long lasting pieces.

  3. Spending time outside was my only savior this year. Those fleeces look so cozy and I love those boots!

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    You look great in the outdoor gear. Super cute pullover.


    • Kristina
    • December 29, 2020

    Love those cozy pullovers!

    • Rach
    • December 28, 2020

    Love L.L Bean for their outdoor and winter wear! This look is cute!

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