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Maybe this post is going to come off as a shameful plug, but that is so not what I had planned! But Hey! I mean if you want to follow me on all those social media sites go for it. The more the merrier.

I love social media. I mean isn’t that one of the many reasons why I have a blog. Yes, yes it is. My church had a job offer posted about a month or so ago for a social media manager. Looking back I really wished I would have applied. I love social media that much! Getting paid to tweet, instagram, or blog just seems awesome!

Yet, that isn’t what I wanted to talk about. Today I started a second instagram for only artistic photography. No selfies, no about my life post. Just specifically photography and God’s awesome creation that I see around me. Starting this second instagram was not easy for me. I was really nervous, and still am. There was a million questions that went through my head. What if people think this is stupid? What if no one follows me? What if I can’t come up with pictures?

We get told by everyone “Don’t worry about what people think!” D even said that to me when I shared my heart about being nervous with him this morning. And this is a true statement. We shouldn’t care how others view us. God loves and cares for us and if we are in a right standing with him then that is all that matters. Yet…social media…we are in a world and generation all about it! A saying in my house that may be said a little to much is “that’s a tweet.”

Our generation judges each other by social media. Pictures, status’, tweets, they all give us a reason to have an opinion about a person. Yet, “Don’t care what other people think!” I mean does that statement even apply anymore? Why would someone post a picture if they didn’t care what other people thought? Social media is all about how many likes, favorites, or retweets we get. If no one “likes” what we post then we stop posting. Caring what people think, and what they like is all what media is about.

So should we care? or not? I believe there is a middle ground. Finding that middle ground is the most important thing and finding a balance when handling social media. We have to be careful and we have to learn not to care to much. To be ourselves no matter what the people around us think.

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    Nicely put.

    Imagine a life without social media. Nothing would be the same. Our society gets it joys out of what dumb thing this celebrity tweeted or what that celebrity posted. I mean, without social media the news would report actual news. But who anyone pay attention?

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      Life would be extremely different! That is for sure!

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