Smitten With Me

Smitten is defined by urban dictionary as to be really taken or pleased by someone. Smitten. It’s a rather fun word to say. Saying it just kind of makes me smile. Being smitten with someone. It makes me think of the song by Brad Paisley where he talks about being wrapped around a girls finger. 
Wrapped around a finger. To have someone be so smitten with you that they are wrapped around your finger. I never really thought about this. My sister was always the daddy’s girl so I didn’t have the perfect puppy dog pout. I never learned to bat my eyes to get my way. But yet to have someone wrapped around a finger. 
Smitten with you. Someone could actually be smitten with the way that I’m awkward or have a loud laugh. Smitten with how I run into things, or am hungry all the time. Someone could know how to use to word smitten just like in a Jane Austen novel. 
So maybe just maybe someone could be smitten with me. 


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Mariah Cooke
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