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Happy Friday! It’s almost the weekend! What are your plans? Mine pretty much revolve around work. The university’s opening basketball game is tonight, and then the teams are playing again tomorrow. We are also hosting a soccer tournament that I get some overtime for. Woot Woot! So not very restful, but I’m sure it will be tons of fun!

Onto the clothes! Can you resist this top? I couldn’t! I mean for one it’s striped, two it has bows! The end, I was done. Sold! It’s so cute, and totally perfect for the office. I think you could accessorize with some red and it would be even more perfect for the holidays! The bows and frilly sleeves just make a typical striped knit top so much more fun! We all know us bloggers love our bows. When I got the opportunity to partner with SheIn I was excited. I had tried to order from them before, but nothing fit. This time around I was prepared and payed way more attention to the measurements given for each item. That’s my biggest suggestion about sites like them is check the measurements!

Now onto the shoes, because we can’t skip them right? These heels are from the new target line A New Day. I’m a huge fan of their new items and I love these heels! They are comfortable and I can wear them all day at work, but! They give me blisters 🙁 every time! I’ve recently heard some bloggers talk about this spray and I’m wondering if it works. Shoes give me blisters all the time! I have pretty boney feet and so just about everything rubs the back of my ankles or the sides of my toes. It’s awful! Does anyone else have this problem or any solutions for me?

Top: c/o SheIn
Pants: Loft
Shoes: Target

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    i love style pieces that add a little bit of personality, but are so versatile !

    you look fab

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      Aw thank you so much Marissa!

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    This outfit is so cute! I love every single details of it 🙂

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      Thank you Tracey!

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