Senior Showcase


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Senior showcase. I have been waiting and preparing for this moment for the last three years. I can’t believe I made it here. I can remember going to the showcase right after I changed my major during my sophomore year. I remember seeing how talented the graduating seniors were and even seeing some of their projects on the wall knowing I was working on the same project. It was so intimidating looking at all they had accomplished when I was struggling so much. I went to multiple senior showcases since then, and putting my own on was a totally different experience.

So much work goes into a gallery showing, way more than just putting stuff up on the wall. We were given the freedom of how to display our pieces this year which was different than years prior. Also being picky with what you put on the wall is another hard decision.

Overall I am so happy with how my show looked. I can’t believe it’s over already. Now onto graduation!


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Mariah Cooke
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