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Sun dress cupcake say yes

Sun dress cupcake say yes

2018 has kind of turned into my year of yes. Which sounds kind of cheesy. Like one of those moments in a movie where the character makes the resolution to just say yes to things. Wasn’t there a movie based on that concept? That’s not how this came about at all though. I wasn’t sitting at the end of last year making a resolution to go and do new things or to say yes to everything, but somehow it’s turned into just that.

With so many life changes and the unexpectedness of where my life is right now, all I really can do is say yes. But I think it’s a beautiful place to be. I’m ready for whatever God is going to bring my way. I’m ready to say yes to whatever is next. Not living in fear, but in faith. Standing in the truth of the Lord and His goodness knowing that He is holding my life and isn’t nervous about whatever is happening, but that He has a plan.

This year has gotten me to the point where I just say yes to just about any and every opportunity that comes my way. Wanna try out this church with me? Sure. Wanna come to the movies with a bunch of people you don’t know? Okay! Can you come to Texas and help with this event? Um yes please! Want to coordinate a wedding again? Yes! Want to go to coffee? Sure why not.

Literally it has become a year of YES! And why not?? At this point in life I have no major obligations. There’s no man, or family, or children. It’s just me. As long as I work enough to pay my bills, I’m good! So why not fly to Texas last minute or take the road trip up north. Why not go to coffee with the person I don’t know. Why not take the business opportunity or the new job? There are so many things that we sometimes miss out on because of fear and I don’t want to be that person!

I want to look at life expectantly and be ready for whatever comes next. And maybe right now that’s easy. It’s easy to be expectant when I really want the next phase of life to hit me. It’s a lot harder when I love the stage I’m in and I don’t want anything to change. I’ve been there. Change is scary and it sucks, but it also is exciting and that decision depends on just that. Your outlook!

So here’s to buying the plan ticket, taking the trip, eating the extra cupcake, and talking to the stranger. No matter how annoying the phrase YOLO is, it’s true. We do only live once and I want the Lord to be able to give me life to the fullest. I don’t want to be afraid of taking the step He’s calling me to. I want to continue to live in expectancy and excitement for whatever He’s doing right now in my life, and for whatever He has coming.

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    I am trying to say Yes to more things recently, as I found myself getting bored of my life! It was like every day was the same, so no wI am trying to say yes to more opportunities! Great post x

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      I hope that’s helping make life more exciting Chloe!

    • paige
    • July 16, 2018

    love this post!! so happy for you too 🙂 x

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    I am a firm believer in saying “yes” to things in life, and I have also been trying to do this more this year! Saying yes to more trips and letting myself take time off from work has been great for me. Plus, I’ve been making new friends and saying “yes” to new experiences! Awesome blog post, keep up the good work. 🙂

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      That’s so exciting Shelly! It’s so fun to see the new experiences and people that come into our lives with each yes.

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