RV Beach Camping


The weekend before last Michael and I went beach camping with his family to celebrate his brother-in-laws birthday. It was so fun! I really enjoy spending time around his family. They own an RV which is something I’ve never been camping in before. We camped down in San Diego at Camp Pendleton, and it was so beautiful! The weather was wonderful, and we all ate so much good food! It was a wonderful little break from the craziness of school.


Almost everyone packed into the RV with the dogs!
I learned to fly a kite! Afterwards I couldn’t help singing the song from Mary Poppins “Lets Go Fly A Kite!”
The ice-cream truck drove past our RV and Michael spoiled me and bought me some. Isn’t he the best?! 😉
Michael’s sister is a genius with hair! She played with mine and braided it twice over the weekend. It was so beautiful and fun to have my hair done.
Here’s the whole group we stayed with!
Have you ever been RV camping before? What kind of experiences did you have?

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