Late Apple Season

Moo's Musing Apple Picking

Moo's Musing Apple Picking

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As we all know it’s fall….kind of….I’m writing this blog post and the high today is 98…so you can decide how “fall” it actually is.

BUT! We can’t skip out on apple picking just because of the weather! We went apple picking last weekend (which yes it late in the season). Usually we go in September before all the apples are gone and the pumpkin mayhem begins, however life kind of got in the way this year and it just didn’t happen. It was packed and their weren’t many apples left, but it was still fun! Matt had never been apple picking before, so I was a little bummed it was so busy but it was totally still worth it. And once I make the apple turn overs he will totally be even happier!

Because it has been so warm I chose not to go for the sweater look, but I chose this satin olive blouse to still feel just a bit fall like. I got this as a work shirt from Forever 21 months ago, so I linked some similar options below.


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    When I lived in NY, we would always go apple picking! And the weather is just starting to feel like Fall here in NC… and I’m definitely wanting to bake some yummy apple treats now!

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    This looks so fun! I’ve been wanting to go apple picking but I think I missed my chance. A pumpkin patch should do! 😉 Love this fall look for warmer weather, too!
    xx, Tyler

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