Red Lipstick *muah*


I know today is normally a life lately post, but since my week is still going on full ahead with all of the events at school I decided to just do a post on Sunday about all the events this week. So today you will just have to wait to see what I’ve been up to! Or go check out my instagram….I know shameless plug there!
Also, I have to say here really quick that it was raining today!!! AH! I know right! Cold weather! Have I not mentioned how much I want that yet? Oh well I am so happy!!
I really wish I could have done an outfit of the day post, but I didn’t have time to have my sister take a picture this morning. I was running out the door to head to class. Instead I shall just tell you what I am wearing. Use your imagination with me here!
I have on my brown combat boots, dark hollister jeans, a black and white stripped top, and that green army jacket. Just to brag about my boyfriend really fast he bought me that jacket. Isn’t he the best?

Also, how can I forget about the red lips!? I mean you noticed them didn’t you? Isn’t that the point of wearing red lips, to make those suckers noticeable? I mean just by putting that stuff on makes you want to pucker up and make those duck faces! Or maybe that is just me…
Isn’t it great how wearing red lipstick makes you feel? I know for me it makes me feel powerful, and beautiful. Red lipstick makes me feel like I can take on the world! That nothing is going to stop me today! Now only if that were true…

So readers! Put some red lipstick on today with you heeled boots and walk proudly! I hope y’all day goes well!

How does red lipstick make you feel?

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    So pretty! I love wearing red lipstick every now and then. It makes me feel much more put together.

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      So true! It makes being a lady feel more lady like!

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