I Still Love Valentines Day

Red Cardigan Outfit

Knit Cardigan Outfit Inspo Moo's Musing Outfit Inspiration Moo's Musing Red Cardigan Outfit Leather Watch and Red Cardigan Ripped Jeans with cardigan

This outfit instantly became one of my favorites! I have already reworn a version of it once, and I keep being drawn to wanting to wear it again. It was so comfortable, yet so cute, and I felt so good in it! That’s how you know a really great outfit. When you can walk out of the house totally rocking your outfit and feeling like a million bucks! This outfit totally did that for me.

I had been in a hurry that morning to get out the door to school, and I remember frantically pulling out this old hollister shirt that doesn’t fit to well (but I won’t get rid of it…we all have clothes like that), and thinking I need something to make this better! That’s when I remembered my mother coming home with this cardigan the week before and thinking hey why not wear an oversized cardigan! So it totally worked! Shopping in your mothers closet seriously is one of the best things ever, and a total perk of still living at home I might add.

Anywayyyy I thought this outfit also fit well as a simpler option for Valentines Day! Now I am totally not one of those girls who hates Valentines Day just because she’s single. I think that it is still a fun holiday. I totally believe in a couple going on dates and spoiling each other all year round, but it’s still fun to do it on another day too. Another reason that I still love Valentines Day is because it isn’t just about being a couple. Valentines Day is about love. Now I don’t know about you, but even without a significant other I still love people. I love my sister and my best friends, and those are the people who I’ll celebrate Valentines Day with! Because that’s really the point. Just to show the people you love how much they mean to you!

Top: Hollister (old)
Cardigan: Thrifted (linked similar below)
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: Franco Sarto from Nordstrom


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