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Moo's Musing Berry Picking

Raspberry Picking Gingham button up Los Rios Ranch Gingham hunter boots outfit Berry Picking Outift Moo's Musing Berry Picking Moo's Musing hunter boot outfit Los Rios Berry Picking white shorts with gingham button up strawberry picking

This was such a fun day! I seriously love being outside. Anytime that I can spend time outside in nature you know I am going to take that chance! Two summers I ago I went strawberry picking, and it came up in my timehop and I knew I wanted to go again! So one Saturday my family packed up and went. This time we found Los Rios Rancho and they had raspberries as well as strawberries! This place is seriously my favorite to visit. We also go there every year for apple picking!

I knew that it was going to still be warm outside so I wanted to still wear shorts, but I remembered how we had to trek through a lot of dirt so I wanted to wear my hunter boots. I scored this gingham button up on my trip to New York at a thrift store. It is seriously one of my favorites! It’s so soft and comfortable. I mean its a perfect top!┬áThis outfit worked really well for picking raspberries and strawberries. I was able to stay cool, but my feet stayed clean.

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    You certainly had a fun day and I must say I like your outfit, you look gorgeous wearing your Shorts and Wellies, me and my Girlfriend spend most weekends wearing our Shorts and Wellies even when we go into town.

      • August 29, 2016

      Aw thank you! They work so well with shorts too! I love it!

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