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Moo's Musing Purpose of the PaperThis summer I opened up my Etsy shop, Madeliene Designs. I am pretty proud of my little business that I have and how well it has been doing (You can read all about how my shop came about here). Being that I write this blog and own a business I wanted to incorporate the two into each other in some little way. As I was trying to do so, I came across Steph Ko’s blog  on her blog she has this amazing series called “Behind the Card” where she talks about her creative process and how each card came about.

Her series really inspired me to create my own section of Moo’s Musing.The category will be called Purpose of the Paper and will talk about how the cards I create came about, what inspired me to create them, how I use them, or why I designed them the way I did. As I start to do more invitations I want to show that stuff off as well too. Of course, this blog will still mostly be a style blog, but design is such a huge part of my life now and I want to share that with y’all!

So once in a while I will be featuring my work. Read if you want and you can follow along with my business instagram here.


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