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So I had planned to explain this card first since it was one of my first cards I made. However, after the previous post this seems slightly silly, but on we go!

This card was one of the first ones I ever created. I was looking for a card to give to Michael for his birthday at the beginning of summer and as I was searching around for something to create, I stumbled across the saying “Happy Birthday Handsome” and I just knew I had to hand letter it!

I picked a neutral blue since I was giving it to a man, but on the etsy listing I have the option for any buyer to choose a custom color. I think that by customizing the card to the receiver’s favorite color is a great way to personalize the card too.

Everyone has a birthday, and us females tend to want to make it really special for the men in our lives. Hope you love this card and have someone in mind you could give it too.

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    I think it’s so cool that you’ve started an Etsy shop for you designs. I remember seeing your first posts about hand-lettering, so it’s neat to see that you’re pursuing that passion!

      • November 11, 2015

      Aw! Thanks! I really do enjoy what I am doing. It is such a blessing!

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