Product Review: Tresemme Thermal Creations


found here at target (not sold online)
Alright my friends I have just discovered this amazing, I repeat, Ah-mazing heat protectant spray. I feel like I am a little behind on the band wagon for this one. Lately, I have been watching YouTube videos from two different girls all about beauty. I will link their profiles at the end of this month..just wait and see 😉 So one girl talked about this product in a video on products that she would repurchase. I decided to try it out since I curl my hair frequently. I promise I am trying not to curl it as much!

In the past, I have used Suave heat spray, and it leaves the hair kind of hard and crunchy. I would apply it after my shower if I knew I was going to curl my hair that day. I would never apply it to dry hair! I had done that in the past and it was disgusting! It left my hair feeling oily and just plain gross. Which was kind of a bummer if I had not applied it and then curled my hair. I know it is like a crime! I was curling my hair with no protectant. In the end, my hair was fried.

So! I discovered this product and have applied it to wet and dry hair! My hair was not oily or anything, and I really could like see how it protected my hair. Normally when I curl my hair you can just see the split ends that it creates. However, now using this product I am not seeing them. It is such a relief! Plus, I applied to the ends of my hair when it was dry and it felt like nothing was even there. It didn’t even change the texture of my hair. I cannot rave about this product enough! Plus it just smells awesome! Who doesn’t love that!

I would highly recommend if you use any sort of heat products on your hair that you try it out! Let my know what you think about this product if you are already using it. Or any other products that you love! I love recommendations!


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Mariah Cooke
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