Pretending It is Summer Time

top: target
shorts: no idea…my mom made them from pants
shoes: sperrys
Today I am acting like it is summer! I have the day off of work, and am in shorts. Finally! It is suppose to be warm enough today, and I am so excited!
Dear Moving Day, you are finally here…I am not sure if I am excited or upset about this. I will definitely miss our wonderful yellow house that I have lived in for so long, but I am very interested in what the future will bring.
Dear New Rental Home, you are very small, but I am going to do my best to make you as homey as possible. However I can say I really hope my family will not be in you long.
Dear Sissy, Thank you for staying up and helping me study last night. You are the best, and it made me feel better about my final today. I appreciate you.
Dear Summer Weather, Please stay longer! I am ready to get my tan on!
Dear Shirt from Target, I am so happy I found you. That is my absolutely favorite color. Also my nails match you right now.
So moving day is around the corner. If you have any tips please give them to us! I would really appreciate all the help that I can get!
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