Pink Scallop Cami for Girls Night

abercrombie denim

moos musing going out outfit

Cami: J Crew Factory // Jeans: Abercrombie // Jacket: Old Navy // Boots: BP at Nordstrom // Purse: C/O Radley

abercrombie denim scallop cami date night outfit inspo girls night out outfit j crew factory scalloped cami moos musing date night outfit long brown curled hair moos musing j crew factory denim jacket pink camisole

Y’all life is kicking my butt right now. Ya know that saying trying to drink from a fire hose? That’s kind of how I’ve felt all last week. (Hence the no blog posts) Partly this is totally my fault! I said yes to too many things that were all around the same date or had similar deadlines. I spent all last week trying to get everything done and consistently feeling like I was barely making a dent. My to do list is still pretty packed, but I feel like I am finally starting to make a dent! The craziness isn’t over yet since I leave for Texas on Thursday. I’m flying out to help with a massive church event. I am aiming to get some blog posts prewritten so bear with as I get through the week.

Isn’t it funny how frantic we get when our typical routine is messed up? It totally throws my day off when I don’t get the stuff done in the morning that I typically do. My afternoon feels all out of wack and it feels like I have wayyy more to do. Some people totally live free and without a routine, I am not one of those people. I love having a schedule and I do not mind doing the same thing at the same time most days. It helps me know what I need to accomplish and that I have designated times to accomplish certain things. When I can’t get those same things done my brain feels totally out of wack!

I wore this outfit a little over a week ago for a Friday night Girl’s Night. My sister, a friend, and I all went out to dinner at this really fun place at a local outdoor mall. It was called Punch Bowl Social. They serve dinner but then also have a ton of games around the place, including a mini bowling alley! We had some really great food and then played some arcade games. It was a blast!

Carly totally inspired this outfit and for me to even buy this scalloped cami. It really is the perfect throw on top but that still looks nice and chic. The scallop detail adds a fun sort of aspect to it. The cami is also seriously well made! It feels structure and is lined! I chose the pink for a pop of color but it comes in a ton of different options! Because we went out on a Friday night I even had worn it to work under a blazer and it totally worked for that too. It’s a good piece to have in your closet because it honestly can work for so many occasions!

    • paige
    • June 6, 2018

    that tank is so cute!! absolutely love how you styled it 🙂 ps you need to wear that color more often – sooooo freakin pretty on you!
    xx paige

    1. Reply

      Thanks girl! I kept hearing that about the color. Guess I need more!

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