Hello Friends!

Please expect a variety of pictures! All weekend I have tried my best to document what I did during those lovely two days.

Both days were very nice and relaxing! I really enjoyed them. They gave me a small taste of summer since I am so close to be finished with school. After today, I only have one more day of my freshman year. So weird!

Saturday I had to work on some homework. However, I could not let the beautiful 86 degree weather that we are having pass.

So I grabbed what I had to do and took it outside. Working on the computer in the sun though is not always the best idea. I made it work though, and powered through! Also, that is my dog Lucy, she wanted to be in the picture too.

I was also able to get some tanning time in. I was so happy to finally be able to lay out!


Saturday night I got into a random “I want to change my hair kick.” If you do not know me you will soon understand that this tends to happen frequently. I dye my hair a lot! So I do not know about where you come from, but here in Southern Cali the ombre look is everywhere. I really like it, and I wanted to try it. Also, another fact! My mom is almost always the one dying my hair. We normally just use a box dye. It almost always works, with  some random crazy experiences. We tried it and it worked pretty well, but by Sunday morning I hated it and now I am back to being a brunette!

Right after we washed the bleach out of my hair Saturday night, I rushed over to a get together for my new internship. You can read about it here in my post Blessed to Be a Blessing. I had an awesome time, and I completely love being apart of this group.

Sunday, my family and Donny went to church, and after I enjoyed a nice day at home. My sister had a show and so my parents and I went to get ice cream. Then dad and I went on an adventure. We ended up coming home with a pool!

Now obviously this is a kiddie pool. But, now that we have moved we do not have our nice big pool to lay out by. So this is the next best thing! Plus, you have to admit it is super adorable! It was so fun to sit and just enjoy the weather.

Lucy really enjoyed our new pool as well!
Sunday night Donny came over and we all watched Star Wars.
I had a really nice enjoyable weekend. What do you all do?

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