The Great Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is one of my favorite things ever. I hate being cooped up indoors for days at a time, it really does make me go stir crazy. The outdoors and fresh air is just so calming and relaxing to me. It’s an important part of my mental health. Over the last few days I feel like I’ve been asked a few times “What I like to do” and the first answer that always comes to mind for me is be outside. I mean that in any sort of way! Walking through gardens, sitting on the beach, or hiking…just get me outside and I’m so content!

This past week one of my best friends decided she wanted to start hiking the local waterfalls. Six months ago this would have been a funny suggestion. Waterfalls in Southern California…HA! However, it’s pretty amazing what all this rain has done for our state and our area. Everything is so green right now, it’s just glorious! And so many rivers and waterfalls are flowing. It’s amazing really. Most of these rivers and waterfalls haven’t had any water in years…we are talking like 5 or more years. Yet, right now they are flowing strong! It’s so amazing what God has created.

The waterfall we hiked to was about 40 minutes away from us and is called Bonita Falls. It was such a fun little hike. About 3 miles all around. To get there we had to cross 3 different little rivers. The first one actually wasn’t that little and it was flowing pretty strong with a good current. Thankfully my clumsiness did not take affect in that moment.  I made it out alive, and didn’t fall into the river or waterfall. I did step right into the little pool at the bottom of the waterfall, but that was all for a photo so it’s okay! Spending my Saturday outside is one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend.

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