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Paris! I still can’t believe that I was in Paris! Lately I’ve been seeing so many photos on instagram from other people who visited recently or are heading there and my heart just aches to go back. It was just such a wonderful experience. Did you see the first Paris post from last week? That post covered our travel day coming into Paris, and today is all about our first full day in the city.

By this point in our trip we were about halfway through, and man were we exhausted. We had been on the go the entire time, and we still weren’t slowing down. We definitely traveled like a tourist and went and saw everything! We did so much in this first day in Paris, and just by the morning we were falling asleep walking around (sorry Louvre). We also really realized this day how little we had eaten, and how much more energy we had from a simple crêpe.

So lets go through the day! Since we were staying in the city for a few days we got up early to see the sunrise over the tower (more pictures to come). It was seriously so magical! I seriously have a love affair with the tower herself. She is just so majestic. From the Eiffel Tower we stopped in Angelina. This café is on the side of the Tuileries Garden by the Louvre. It’s mostly famous for their hot chocolate and when I was planning our trip everyone kept telling us that we couldn’t skip this place. Boy were they right! In Paris when you order hot chocolate they literally bring you chocolate and milk. Then you get to mix them together in your cup. Best hot chocolate ever! It’s so rich and creamy. Also the croissant I had from there was incredible. I have no idea what glaze was on top of it, but it was just perfect.

From there we headed to the Louvre. Honestly, we didn’t spend much time in the Louvre. We walked around, saw the Mona Lisa, and then were so tired and barely paying attention that we just left. So this really does give me an excuse to go back to Paris because I saw such a small portion of the museum.

After we walked out of the Louvre we were heading to the Palais Royal and we ran smack into a crêpe stand. It was so perfectly placed and it was the first one we had seen. They are just as amazing as everyone brags about, and I don’t think I will ever be able to have on in the states that compares. We took our little Parisian snack and hung out on the famous black and white posts. So many people visit the Palais Royal, and I’ve also heard about Parisian’s taking their children there to play. It’s so beautiful and it was a fun place to people watch and relax for a bit.

Before the end of the day we did a little shopping, and stopped in at the Arc de Triomphe. This was probably one of my favorite views of the city, even if we had to climb more stairs to get there. As I’ve seen more pictures of the tower now it’s fun for me to guess where people have taken them from in the city. I feel like the top of the Arc is a pretty common place. After that we headed back to our adorable little apartment and relaxed a bit. Then of course we ended the day watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle. I kind of wonder if people who live in the city don’t notice her sparkle every night anymore. It’s so amazing to me, but I wonder if it’s just a common occurrence for them.

Here’s Paris Day 1’s vlog!

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    This looks like such a fun trip! Paris has never been high on my list but now I’m feeling tempted!

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      I seriously loved the trip! It is such a beautiful city. Totally worth visiting.

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    The picture of you holding up the glass pyramid is adorable! (Idk what it’s called hahah) And perfect! I know people who try to do that and fail. I bet that took a couple takes!

    1. Reply

      So many trys! Doing it in the video was such a fail lol

    • Kate
    • April 10, 2017

    Sounds like a lovely trip! Your pictures are just beautiful

    1. Reply

      Thanks Kate!

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