Oxford, Home of the Inklings


IMG_3006 IMG_3003 copy IMG_2945 IMG_2950 IMG_2984 IMG_2975 IMG_2969 IMG_2976 IMG_2982 IMG_2958 IMG_2990 IMG_3000 IMG_3014 IMG_2997 IMG_3020My friend, Tori, that I traveled with is a huge C.S. Lewis and Tolkien fan. Being that we were so close to the city of Oxford she just couldn’t pass it up. The city itself is really beautiful. It reminded me a lot of Boston since it is so much of a college town. However, the architecture is wayyyyy better in Oxford. It felt like the different colleges were closer together too.

When we first arrived in Oxford we visited their Botanical Gardens where Tolkien and sometimes Lewis would visit. The gardens were so stunning! It was such a lovely day too, so we hung out there a bit and ate biscuits and jam. We ended the day by stopping in for a pint at The Eagle and Child. This is the famous pub where The Inklings would meet and discuss each other’s work. Can you imagine them discussing The Lord of The Rings?! It’s just so cool to think of all the amazing things that those walls have been apart of.

On our drive back into Bath from Oxford we got to see the most amazing sunset. This drive was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. The sun was setting so bright and beautiful over the rolling hills of the English country side. I don’t have very good photos of it, and the video only slightly does it justice. We were driving past, and didn’t pull over, but man will my memory never forget that sight!

I wore this adorable Free People sweater that I got from Nordstrom Rack. Technically, I think it was meant to be an off the shoulder sweater, but It worked perfectly as a cowl neck. It is seriously so soft! I liked a bunch of their other sweaters below, and most are on sale since we are transitioning out of winter. Time to stock up for next year!

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    I love your top! Oxford looks so beautiful, I can’t wait to visit overseas 🙂

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      This was my first time, and so incredible!

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    Oxford is so beautiful, I have to visit one day!

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      Totally worth visiting Veronika!

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    Soo gorgeous! I want to go to Oxford someday.

    Alix |

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      Do it girl!

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    This is in Southern California?! It looks incredibly beautiful. And I needed a sweater like that, yesterday. Our weather is so chilly and it’s time I get something cute and appropriate.

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      No, this is Oxford England. I’m from Southern California.

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    Oh, I am green with envy. Oxford is my dream. I have been obsessed with the Inklings for years. I’m glad it was so lovely.

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      It was wonderful Bailey!

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    Your photos are beautiful. My husband and I spent a few days on in Oxford a couple years ago and I just loved it. It’s so old and quaint.

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      Right! I felt like I was walking in a novel.

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    you brought me back to when I lived in Cambridge for two years! Love England and miss it so much! thanks for sharing 🙂


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      Oh! How fun! I seriously need to go back.

    • Leah
    • April 7, 2017

    I haven’t been to Oxford in more than 20 years. Nice to see it hasn’t changed much. Still very pretty.

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      It’s so amazing, and I love how old it looks.

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    Those pictures are beautiful! It makes me want to travel to Oxford and see it for myself!

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      It was amazing! Totally worth the visit.

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