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Outfit and Greeting Card Instagram Round Up

Recently I have been trying to master the art of an outfit selfie. This is definitely not as easy as it looks, but yet I always love when I see these type of photos floating around instagram. So since I have been posting my own outfit selfies recently I though I would do a little instagram roundup more frequently here on the blog. I am going to be showing my outfit selfies from my personal instagram, and maybe some of the greeting cards I have been featuring on my business instagram. So if you like this kind of round up let me know in the comments, and tell me what outfits or cards were your favorite!

Instagram Inspo

Top: Target (Men’s last seen here) Jeans: Hollister Shoes: Sperrys

Moo's Musing Outfit Selfie

This outfit was just featured in this post.

Pretty Lady Birthday Card by Madeliene Designs

A birthday card for your best pretty lady in your life!

Moo's Musing Brown Leather Jacket with Plaid Blanket Scarf

This outfit can be found in this post.

Congrats Wedding Card by Madeliene Designs

I created this card for a wedding Michael and I went to. This card can be customized with any name!

Outfit Selfie Moo's Musing

Top: Forever 21 (old) Jeans: Hollister Boots: LC for Kohls (last seen here and here)

In-Law Wedding Card by Madeliene Designs

Because sending some love to your future in-laws on your wedding day never hurt anyone!

Outfit Inspiration Instagram

Cardigan: Forever 21 Shirt: Hollister Jeans: Hollister Bag: Forever 21 Boots: Justins

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    These ‘outfit selfies’ look good to me! 🙂 I find that if I frame myself at an angle in the square, so my toes are in one corner and my shoulders in the diagonal corner, it gives the maximum length for fitting as much of me as possible, therefore showing as much from ‘the front’ as you can in a full length selfie. These are all still cute image as they are here tho too!


      • October 25, 2015

      Thanks! Jenna from Hello Fab literally just gave me the same tip! Its like a science! lol

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