Old Navy Suede Skirt

old navy brown sweater and skirt

There’s an @oldnavy dressing room diaries up on my insta stories right now! This skirt is seriously to die for and you can get it 40% off. I didn’t buy it this weekend and now they don’t have my size. I’m seriously kicking myself and refreshing the page searching for it. #liketkit #LTKsalealert
A bit ago I posted this instagram photo, and man did you people love it! This skirt was a huge hit. If you followed along via instagram stories you know the whole issue. I tried the outfit on in the store, but chose to wait to purchase it because I had an online code (ya know…gotta get the best deal!) However, when I went to buy it online they were sold out in my size (BOO). So I spent the next two days continuing to check the old navy website over and over again to see if they were going to restock it. Spoiler alert: They did! I was so stoked and bought it right away.

The second part to this story though is that I bought the wrong sweater. I wanted the sweater I tried on and bought a different one instead. The one I bought is fine, but not my favorite. At this point I’ve removed the tags and now have to keep it. But hey at least I got the skirt!

Suede brown skirt outfitfall outfit inspiration Old Navy Suede Skirt old navy brown sweater and skirt old navy fall outfit

This outfit feels a little too fall like for December, but I shot it and never posted it so here we are. Not to mention I absolutely love this skirt! I’m so excited to find different ways to style it, so you can expect to see it a few more times. I’ve already been pinning ideas! I also just love that I fit in the skirt. It’s so rare to fit into a dress or skirt for me so I am totally stoked! Another thing, I have been loving Old Navy lately! Like so much it’s bad. I never really shopped there before, but man I have been lately! Their clothes are great and they have sales on sales on sales!

Now onto a more December Christmasy topic…but still…shopping! I’m almost done. This past weekend Matt and I accomplished so much! Mostly because of Bath and Body Works candle sale. Did anyone else score so many from there? I discovered they had a Capri candle that smells almost exactly like the famous Anthropologie Capri Blue one! It’s so close and a much better deal! Who even knew! With hitting there and all of my cyber Monday orders starting to come in I am checking so many people off my list and it feels so good! I actually feel on top of it. There’s still a few people from his family I’m not sure what to get but I do feel great since it is still so early in December. Have you started your shopping yet or do you wait til closer to Christmas?


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    I love this! I have the suede button-down skirt in navy and I love it!
    Xo, Kelsey

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      Ooooo! How do you style it?

    • Kaylee
    • December 8, 2017

    I love this skirt! I just checked and sadly they are sold out of my size, I hope they restock it again!

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    Old Navy always has the best finds, I love it!

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      Right! They are totally a new favorite.

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