Why I Need To Stop Shopping At Old Navy

Old Navy Lace Blouse

white jeans outfit

Y’all…I think I have placed 3 different Old Navy posts in the last two weeks. They have been included in the last two Friday Feelings posts! I really need to stop browsing and shopping and buying! They have such good sales though and some really cute styles lately!  Tops, shoes, dress, and now their bathing suits are on sale! I just can’t stop.

This floral top is another recent purchase of mine and it’s so cute! I can’t wait to wear it to work once it gets a little warmer. Right now it’s still chilly outside (that’s around 70 to us Southern Californians) which means the office is also cold. So I’m still over here bundled in a sweater with my feet heater on under my desk. Yet, all the stores are pulling out their spring stuff and some bloggers are already wearing it and I feel like I’m drooling with jealousy.

Something Ashley has said a few times now on instagram, and it’s so true, is that even though it’s still cold outside (snow for some of you) start ordering your spring stuff now. By the time it gets warm enough to actually wear it all the stores have already starting prepping for fall and then you are just behind. Which is so so true!  Stores move through the seasons so fast and always have to be ahead which means even though you may not be able to picture yourself rocking that adorable tank you’ve had your eye on, by the time you can wear it the store will already be out and onto cardigans again. So start stocking up now ladies!

Not to mention, if you are a fan of Old Navy like me sign up for their emails. Their sales lately have been crazy! I’m talking 50% off crazy! I’ve had to just stop opening them because if I open it, see the sale, and the cute dress, I am going to want to buy it. I seriously must take a break from them! At least for a little while 😉

Top: Old Navy // Jeans: Hollister // Flats: Target

moos musing old navy

old navy spring top

Moo's Musing spring outfit

spring white jeans outfit

Old Navy Lace Blouse

spring outfit inspiration

moos musing spring top white jeans

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    OMG I need to shop at Old Navy more! This outfit is sooo cute!

    Lauren Lindmark |

    1. Reply

      Yes! Do it! They have so many great things!

  2. Love your outfit & love Old Navy! Thanks for the sale update! Checking it out now! 🙂

    1. Reply

      Yes! Hope you found some good stuff Kendra!

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