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Hello Friends!
I am trying to be incredibly busy, and write my papers today. Sadly, I did not have time to show you a what I wore Wednesday. Instead I am doing a Pinteresting Wednesday. You can follow me on pinterest here. Also if you like the pins that I do pin them from here! So here it goes!

just to drop some hints of what I like for the man 😉
Totally love this! I love tea. I drink it almost every night.
 This looks amazing and I want to make it. I love fruit, and I love cinnamon chips. So to me this is just like a double yum!
This is what I used on my hair today


Last but not least. I loved this quote. One, the design is just plain awesome. Two, it is just really true. How often do we miss the beauty and life that is going on around us all because we are looking straight down at our phones. My family eats dinner without phones. We are not even allowed to have them on top of the table and I think this is awesome. It keeps the focus where it needs to be. Donny and I do the same on our dates. Our focus shouldn’t always be our phones, but the people around us.
Well that’s my pinteresting Wednesday! Tomorrow be on the look out a good friend of mine is going to guest blog about a hair product that she is loving! Come check it out!


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