Oh How He Loves Us

How He Loves by the David Crowder Band is one of my favorite worship songs. The words to me are really relevant. I think it is something that each person can relate to in a different way. Each person feels God’s love in such a different way. Yet, we all really do drown in his grace. 
He is jealous for me. Someone is jealous for me. Christ wants my attention. He wants my love. He is jealous for me. He wants to consume my thoughts, and my life. Have you ever just thought about that? God is jealous for us. He wants everything. 
How great Your affections are for me. God is affectionate to us. That’s it. He is affectionate to us. Do we even understand that? Can we fully understand that? How much God completely and utterly loves us?
Oh, how He loves us,
Oh, how He loves us,
Oh, how He loves.

I encourage you to soak this in. Pray, and ask God to show you how to feel His love. To understand what it is like to utterly love someone like He has loved us.

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    This is also one of my favorites and I have been listening to it for years, but I had never realised the gravity of the jealous line – wow. Great post, Mariah 🙂 x

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