Not Leading At All


Today I want to talk about leadership. Not just any kind of leader in the work place, at school, or maybe in a small group. I mean being a leader that God wants you to be. Every person is different. God made us that way. Each one of us has different talents or gifts and each one of us has different callings. Some may be called to be a worker and help out with others goals and ideas, but we need the people who lead and create the ideas for others to carry out.

Leaders are not always looked at as fun people. They can be bossy, rude, and just hard to be around sometimes. Being a leader means not always getting to be the nice guy. However, leaders are called to lead in love and to show God’s love while they lead. The best leaders can find that balance.

I have known since I was very young that I am a leader. I have never liked to follow the crowd (this gets me into trouble as sometimes listening to authority is difficult) and I have never been one to just go with the flow. I am my own person. I like to be by myself, and I love to be given responsibility. I work hard no matter what the job I am given (blog post about that here).

Lately God has been showing me a thing or two about being the leader that God has called me to be. I have realized that just because God has given me the talents and the capabilities to lead does not mean that I am always called to take control. Sometimes being a leader means letting someone else lead and backing them up. God is showing me that sometimes being a great leader for him means not leading at all.

This is not easy hard for me, as if something needs to be done or fixed I am prone to just jump in and get the job done. Even if that job was not meant for me at all. As I learn this lesson I must just let those jobs pass if I am not the one called to do them. Maybe right now is not my time to be the strong leader up front, but I know that God has given me these gifts and talents for the proper time. For now I must just wait until I can use them to bring him glory. It is all him preparing me for the time in which he has prepared. During this time being the best leader I can be means supporting the ones that God has put in front of me.

Have you ever had to do something like that? What kind of person are you, a leader or a helper?


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