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As of the time my family’s vacation to New York was planned it has been the talk of our house! “We’ll need that for New York” “You think it’s crowded here?! Wait til New York” “Hey I wonder what the weather will be like when we are there” If you want to watch my sister’s reaction to the travel news head over here or watch it on instagram.

Being that I am a huge Gossip Girl fan going to New York is super thrilling! I cannot wait to pretend to be an Upper East Sider, and walk the streets like Blair and Serena. Obviously, I am still a tourist, and seeing anything and everything is the ultimate goal. And I will have to be brave and take the subway. However, I have been saving and saving to go shopping! I mean it is New York! Who doesn’t want to walk around with bags upon bags!
blair waldorf style
Lately the talk has been what are we going to do? My uncle goes to New York every year and we have picked his brain on what he thinks is the best things to do and see while there. I have made my own list, ofcourse, of all the things I want to see and do. I mean The Met…not only do I want to go inside, but sitting on the steps is a definite must!
After what to do in New York, the next thing my sister and I have discussed is what to wear? Autumn in New York is extremely different then autumn here in Southern California. Starting with the fact that we don’t even really have an autumn. The weather should be around 40-55 degrees which is particularly different than our 60-70. That never happens here in So Cal and I mean NEVER! My sister and I are determined not to dress like bums though! We want to be chic and stylish. So the question is then posed what to wear? What do we pack?
My family leaves in almost exactly a month. My mind is racing of what kind of jackets I should bring, and what kind of shoes I’ll need! Does anyone have any advice for me? I have been searching for New York bloggers that I can maybe get some insight from, but I haven’t found to many.
HELP! I will take any advice I can get! Who has been there before? or maybe lived near there? What kind of clothes should I bring or wear?
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    EEEEEEK! New York is ah-mazing you are going to love love love it! If you want I can send you my 'must do' list that I send to everyone…just let me know 😉

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      Oh my goodness yes! I am e-mailing you right now!

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