New York City Trip Part 2


Okay friends, today I will be recapping Day’s 3 and 4 of my New York Vacation. If you want to read about day’s 1 and 2 click here.

Day 3 was a bit of a history day. We started off by going to see the 9/11 memorial. I was very young when 9/11 happened. I don’t really remember much about that day. I just knew that something very bad had happened. Going to the memorial and seeing the time line in the visitor center and how everything happened was terrifying. It made the incident so much more real!

After the memorial we went to see the statue of liberty. That was really awesome! We didn’t go onto the island, but we took a ferry that went right past her. She is not as big as I would have expected to be honest.

On Day 4 the weather called for rain. We had to try and do everything we wanted before the rain started around 2:00pm. We started this day off with the Empire State Building. This was awesome! It was so cool to see Manhattan from so high up. It was also really awesome, because so many movies have been filmed there! Not to mention gossip girl ūüėČ


After that we headed up and saw Rockefeller Center. We didn’t ice skate there though since it was¬†so expensive. We did get to go ice skating¬†in Central Park! That is where I would have rather skated too. It was so beautiful! We made it there just before it started sprinkling. That was so¬†much fun! I think that is one of my favorite things¬†that we were able to do in New York.

Once the rain started it was pouring! It was such a shock how much rain they get in New York. In a day and a half they practically get the amount of rain that So Cal gets all year! We hiked it back to our apartment and cuddle up in the warmth!

Stay tuned the last 2 days of my vacation will be back tomorrow!


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