New York City Trip Part 1


That right there was the view from our apartment that we stayed in while visiting New York. This vacation was amazing! It was so fun. I really enjoyed it! Here on the bloggy blog I am going to do a short recap of this trip. Be prepared for an overload of pictures!

We arrived in New York at around midnight so that night we literally went straight to bed. The next day we went and explored the part of Central Park that was closest to our hotel. It was so pretty with all the leaves! We don’t really get changing leaves where I live so it was really awesome to see that!

That first real day there was one of the warmest we actually had while there! We California Girls were in for a real surprise of what cold actually is!

After Central Park we went over to Bryant Park, The New York Public Library, and Grand Central Station.

Now onto Day 2! We went up to the Museum of Natural History first. That was really cool walking around and seeing some of the creatures that are in the movie Night At The Museum.
yes…I was sitting on Teddy Roosevelt’s lap

After that my mom, sister, and I tried to find Mood, the fabric store on Project Runway. It took us a little bit of hunting, but eventually we tracked it down! Sadly, it was closed. Then we met up with my dad in Times Square, and ended the day at the Strand Bookstore. This place was my sisters heaven. I mean 18 miles of books! It was huge!

Tomorrow I shall recap some more!

Have you ever been to these places? What is cold to you?


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