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Hello friends! It’s been awhile…about two months actually. Consistency has never been my strong suit (but really I’m just thankful y’all keep coming back to read. You the real MVP!) Keeping up my strength and blog patterns has been hard lately, even though I’ve been doing this for five years. This blogging break didn’t start off as a planned thing. It just sort of happened. Life got really overwhelming the last few months and then by the time I was ready to write again it was the holidays and covering gift guides and holiday content just wasn’t something I was up for or felt passionate about. So a one month break turned into two and here we are!

The thing about writing a life and style blog is that I write about my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing so. I’ve shared some personal posts over the years, and Moo’s Musing has become a somewhat online journal. Yet, it’s also been not just my voice talking to a screen but an amazing way to connect with you, my readers, and hear your stories too. Sometimes though, life gets hard and writing down what you feel makes it harder. And that’s exactly what happened for me.

Call it what you want to: overwhelming, a quarter life crisis, a season, growing up…whatever you call it, it’s just not always rainbows and butterflies. Life can hit hard and fast, but it also can be slow and unknown. This past year was overall pretty great. I traveled a ton! I met a lot of new friends and grew closer to old ones. Through it all though I felt mostly purposeless. I hit my one year at my full time day job, spent the year mostly single, and haven’t really had any new goals. While the Lord has grown me and I am content in all those areas, nothing seems to be moving. Nothing seems to have any direction. I described it to a friend once as I felt like I have been treading water waiting for a boat to pass and pick me up but I don’t see any boats on the horizon.

While that feeling has been hard to handle at times, I’ve felt mostly okay. I know that the Lord has a plan and while my plan A and B and C has failed, His has not. Through the year, I have been constantly reminded that my job is simply to stay faithful. For even when I do not feel God’s presence, it doesn’t mean He hasn’t been there. When I can’t seem to get an answer about where to go or what to do, that doesn’t mean He isn’t listening to me. So, faithful I have been. Through Bible studies, daily devotions, and prayer times, I have been faithful.

And ya know what? I still don’t have direction! And that’s OKAY! I know…it’s been mind blowing to myself even that I’m okay without a plan. While I’ve had some paralyzing moments of fear and anxiety, and I’ve taken steps of faith with no direction, I am okay without knowing how things will turn out. Ya wanna know why? Because the Lord has not failed me before and He will not fail me now. There is plenty of moments that I can look back on and see the good that has come from them, yes hurt and pain too but oh so much good. There’s moments in my life when I felt like I couldn’t keep going but God handled it. So just like before, I believe everything will work out according to His plan and not my own.

So yes, life is overwhelming and vocalizing the hard and writing the tough times out makes them all the more real and scary but fear shall not be in control and maybe just maybe facing all the hard head on is exactly the step I need to do. Now onto the biggest step of faith and the life update ya came for!

I moved!!!

This probably means nothing to most of you, but it’s a big deal! I am officially out of my parent’s house for the first time ever. I never moved out for college since I went to school so close to home and even after I graduated I thought life was heading one way and it wasn’t. So here I am officially paying rent and making dinner and grocery shopping all just for me. You can expect me to use my lessons learned and new room as content for the blog of course. While I love my family and we are incredibly close, the time just felt very right. I’ve had and kept a full time job for a year now and I’m turning 25 in a few months. Growing up, I always thought I’d leave my parents home once I got married, but that didn’t happen and that’s fine! So here I am, all moved out and mostly settled. Once I get the last few boxes unpacked you can expect a whole room tour of my *cough* very *cough* small space. I’m so excited to learn a lot more about life outside of my comfort zone. If ya have any tips for adjusting, living on a budget, or recipes for one person, leave them in the comments below!


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