4 New To Me Beauty Products

new beauty products elta md super goop differin

new beauty products elta md super goop differin

I have been trying out a few beauty products for a couple of weeks now and I thought I would just give y’all a little update on four that I really like and are totally worth buying. None of these beauty products are new by any means. I honestly think they’ve been around for awhile and I am just late to their fabulous game. Each of these was bought for different purposes and I’ll include that in each section. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these or if there’s something you’ve tried lately that I should!

Jergen’s Natural Glow

I am a naturally tan person. Always have been. I would describe my skin tone as olive and trust me I love it that way. Growing up I could tan so easy it was the best! I’d get a good base tan and it would just get very dark by the end of summer. The goodness doesn’t stop there though because it would last soooo long! We are talking like into March and my stomach is still a nice shade of brown. Living in Southern California this was never a problem either because we have so much sun always. However…that moment once you start working full time and over summers means a whole lot more of the indoors and a lot less sun exposure. While I still have my nice olive skin tone being tan year round just doesn’t get to happen anymore. Being so used to being tan always and not having a problem getting there using a tanning lotion made me super nervous. I never wanted to end up orange or splotchy so I have avoided them at all costs. Enter Jergen’s! I was even still hesitant to try this but I posted it on instagram stories and so many people replied that they love it. I am seriously pleased. It definitely is a gradual tanner and it takes a few days to start showing but it is so easy! I just apply it after my shower just like regular lotion. I always rinse my hands after because I’m nervous about my palms looking funny but I’m not sure if you really have to do that.

EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

As I have gotten older skincare is a huge deal to me (especially dealing with adult acne). One of the most important part of skincare is sunscreen! And with all the sun exposure mentioned above I know I have already damaged my skin and I don’t want to any more! I learned about this product from when Jordan Harper (an estheticians) did a post with Cristin from The Southern Style Guide. She talked about this product and how light weight it is and moisturizing. Something important when looking for a facial sunscreen too is that it not only protects you from the sun but also UV rays as well. This one is great and not too expensive. I use it every morning under my make up. I also want to note that it doesn’t smell like sunscreen or leave your skin greasy! This clear version pumps out white and it doesn’t create any problem of a base layer for my make up. If you love primers I use this one on top of it every once in awhile.

Supergoop Setting Mist Sunscreen

Going along with the topic of sun protection I recently bought the travel size of this Supergoop Setting Mist for my DC trip. I used it while I was there, and I think it’s great! Just like a normal setting spray I sprayed it over my make up in the morning, and even did so throughout the day. Being out in the sun so much while traveling I honestly think it was helpful. Unlike a normal setting spray it doesn’t mist as much as literally spray out, and it does smell like sunscreen…like really smells like sunscreen. So just a warning if you hate that don’t buy this.

Differin Acne Treatment

Last but definitely not least people!! Differin! I have been suffering with cystic acne for years now. YEARS! I have tried everything and this is the first thing to make me swoon. I also cut out dairy around the same time of starting differin but that combination has done wonders for my skin! Eventually I want to write a whole post about curing my acne, but until then you have to try this stuff! It’s a retinoid that is over the counter (praises) and is exactly what you need if  you struggle with acne. It is super strong so I would start out not using it every day. I actually can only use it every other night, sometimes I skip two nights. It can be super drying, but I combat that with moisturizer before bed. Try it. This stuff with change your acne covered face.

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    The Differin gel is SO good! I just ran out but heading to Target today to grab more!


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