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Hi Pretties!

How are your weeks going?

Mine has been so busy! I am so sorry for the lack of content. My brain is so fried! So far every day this week I have worked 9 hours straight with only a 10 min break driving to the next job. My body is exhausted!

I am so ready to be on to the next job. I know that I will miss my kids in daycare, but I am ready for a change. This is going to be my third job, and I am loving it so far.

How many of you have had to leave or change jobs? Did you miss them or were you ready to move on?

I can say that I am ready to move on. I can’t wait for the different kinds of people that I am going to meet. I have loved watching all the kids come in to paint with their moms and dads already. It is so fun to see what they want to paint, and how they do it. Plus I think that finally working at a different location then my church really gives me the opportunity to shine my light.

So wish me luck my friends and tell me your job stories!


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Mariah Cooke
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