Nancy Meyers Inspired Wedding Registry

Nancy Meyers Inspiration
Nancy Meyers Inspiration

We all love a good Nancy Meyers movie. From Father of The Bride, The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give to Home Again, and It’s Complicated. They are all heart warming movies with amazing details. The costumes and home decor are always perfection. When watching those types of movies I am always looking at the sets, and backgrounds to try and add those details to my own home.

When we were creating our wedding registry I chose things that I thought fit into that style, and what I wanted my home to feel like. So I thought I would help you find Nancy Meyer Inspired home decor, kitchen items, and linens for your wedding registry or just for your home.


Between stuff that sits on our kitchen counter to serving dishes things do not need to be ugly. The kitchen in almost all Nancy Meyer films are cozy and still decorated. What is seen is always intentional.

Dishes & Glassware

Beautiful serving dishes and glassware is always the way to go. I am a firm believer in not saving beautiful things for special occasions. Use what you own! I also don’t think beautiful dishes have to be expensive. I’ve found and own some beautiful dishes that aren’t expensive and have already lasted me years.

Home Decor

This part is the most fun to me. Finding home decor is like a treasure hunt. I personally love to thrift shop, but that isn’t for everyone. So I’m linking some things that can be bought online or in store and you don’t have to hunt through other people’s used items.


Linens are the most underrated item when making a wedding registry. You use them every day, but yet you never have enough. So my tip is to always register for more of them than you think!



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