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My week…oh my week! Talk about a roller coaster of emotions of a week! Between my worrying and then a fabulous day yesterday it was been up and down! Today I am pretty happy though! This weekend my family is going down to the San Diego Zoo! I love the zoo!
This is a shot I snapped from my biology class on Tuesday. This is something…I cannot remember the name now but it was weird. All of those green string looking things were moving. Moving and swimming all over! It was kind of cool and slightly gross all at the same time!

This is my friend Kristen. We went on a little Disneyland trip last night. I also must mention that it was raining! It rained and rained and rained yesterday! It was amazing! I got to wear my riding boots, sweatshirt, and a scarf! It was finally feeling like fall!
We had a blast at Disneyland. I met her my freshman year of high school yet we fell out of touch once I moved schools. We recently reconnected and we have a lot in common! It’s nice for me to find new girls to hang out with. Especially one that I have something in common with!

This is what I am staring at right now…a desk. I’m bored, and my throat hurts. However, today has been a pretty good day!

How is your weeks going?

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