Morning & Night Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

mariah cooke skincare routine
mariah cooke skincare routine
acne prone skincare
daily skincare routine

I think time to update y’all on my skincare routine. My skin was thriving after all that time spent at home, but we all knew makeup would have to be put on again. Skincare has become something the world is passionate about, and not everything that works for one person will work for another. But, I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting my routine. I’ve struggled with my skin! One of my favorite blog posts I’d also love for you to check out is my skin journey. You can see where I started, and why I am where I am today.

I like to start these posts off by saying I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR PROFESSIONAL! While these are products that work for me, not everything works the same on different skin types. Try what is best for your skin and always start off small. Don’t change all of your products at one time. Start with one for a week and then add in another new one. Always stop using something if your skin appears irritated. You have to find what works best for you!


In the morning I will wash my face in the shower with just one of the cleansers listed below. Once I am out and my face is dry I apply some vitamin c, eye cream, moisturizer depending on the time of year and then sunscreen. Sunscreen being the most important part! If I am feeling crazy into my makeup I’ll add a primer before I start my makeup routine. It’s very simple and straightforward.

When using the vitamin c make sure you let that dry before moving on to layering anything else. Also, when applying any sort of eye cream always use your ring finger and pat (don’t tug) the eye area. It’s your most sensitive area of your face and your ring finger has the least amount of strength.


This is where the lengthy process is. While this looks long to read, it honestly doesn’t take me ore than 15 min at most!

If you read last years routine than you know I am a believer in the double cleanse. I also believe that what you cleanse with honestly doesn’t matter that much because it’s going to be washed away anyway and doesn’t stay on your skin that long. Just pick something that is cheap and works well. It’s worth it more to spend the bulk of your money elsewhere. If you do have extra money and want to buy a better cleanser by all means do, I just choose not to.

Cleanse 1: I always start with a makeup wipe. Your makeup wipe doesn’t matter and is a personal choice. My favorite is the Target dupe of Neutrogena wipes and no the Neutrogena wipes do not compare. It’s the Target dupes all the way! These take off all my face and eye makeup. I try not to rub it on my eyes hard and simply just rub my lashes to get mascara off. I prefer these because they are super moist and don’t dry out quick. This step should NEVER replace washing your face!

Cleanse 2: After I get all my makeup off I heat up the water and cleanse with this Mario Badescu Acne Cleanser. To me this stuff is a good second step of getting makeup off. It doesn’t lather like crazy but after my makeup wipe you can see the water cloud up with other makeup still coming off my face.

Cleanse 3: This last cleansing step I feel like is finally down to my actual skin and is actually cleansing the skin and not just getting the makeup off. I use this La Roche-Posay one. It’s the best price for the amount of product you get. I’ve tried to find another cleanser, but nothing can beat this price!

Toner/Exfoliant: Next I use a chemical exfoliator. There are some great options out there, but I am a die hard Barefaced Toning Pads user. I have used this before and it is also great.

Oil and Serum: After cleansing and toning I oil up. As someone with oily/acne prone skin this step always intimidated me, but once you learn that oil can actually help you I promise you will never go back. I love the True Botanicals Clear Oil and Serum. Sometimes I have only just used the Oil and not the Serum. If you are looking to use only one product that steps up the oil game I love the Vitners Daughter Serum too.

Retinol: There is a ton of Retinol products out there. It really is about finding which product works for you. I started out with using Differin and would suggest that to anyone who has acne they are having issues clearing. If you are going to use Differin you need to slowly introduce it and moisturize! I’ve tried a few different retinols that you can read about in last years post, but have worked my way up to using SkinCeuticals .5%. Barefaced Skincare also has a great retinol.

Eye Cream: I have incredibly sensitive eyes. Any sort of eye cream with antiaging products in it irritates my eye area. It’s awful! The Orgins Eye Cream I use in the morning and this Obaji one I use at night are the only eye products I’ve found that doesn’t mess me up. Your eye area is so sensitive and can age the fastest so it’s important to keep them moisturized.

I know that some of these products are expensive but they are worth it and last a while! If I can give any advice it’s that it is so much better to save up and spend your money on something that will last you 6 months and be super potent that entire time, rather than something cheap that stops working after month 1. Or to spend $30 at the drug store every other month on a product that does nothing for you. At that point you’re spending as much if you’d have just paid for one good product up front.


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    My skincare routine is pretty minimal but have been looking to upgrade and add some products into my rotation. I’ve heard good things about the knockout exfoliating one…may need to try! xoxo, Sarah

    1. Reply

      It’s amazing! You’ll notice a tingle, but it just means it’s working.

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    Thanks for sharing! My skin has gotten a lot oilier since staying at home 🙁 I find that my pores are a lot more clogged nowadays so I’ve been masking more too! My fav is The Ordinary’s AHA/BHA mask

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      Ooo, it could be a change in diet or your not drinking enough water? I know this also sounds opposite but if your skin isn’t moisturized enough it gets oilier!

  3. Reply

    So interesting!

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      Hope it was helpful Ariana

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    Skincare is literally my life. I’m definitely a product junkie, so this post has me excited to try even more.

    – Faith

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      Same! Guilty as charged!

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    i have finally perfected my skincare routine during quarantine! thanks so much for sharing yours, might have to add some of these products into my routine.

    xx rebecca //

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      Hope they helped Rebecca!

    • Stephanie
    • May 18, 2020

    I wish I could say my skin is thriving, but the stress is doing me real dirty. There are good weeks, but it’s mostly been just as frustrating as usual (I’ve had problematic skin my whole life). And when I go without makeup, I wind up with more acne than usual haha. But I’m glad you’ve found such a helpful routine and I’m happy for you that your skin is doing so well!

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      Oh no! Stress totally screws up my skin too. You may need to add in some purging masks to your week. I have a whole mask blog post too.

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    I love a good skincare routine, and things have definitely changed now that we’re heading into summer. Since it’s super dry where I live, I have been slathering on hyaluronic serum + deeply moisturizing creams!

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      Yesss! This sounds perfect!

    • christine
    • May 18, 2020

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring ! I have to try some of these products, they are different from what I use!

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      Hope you loved them! Thanks for reading Christine.

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    I love seeing people’s skin care routines. I have to checkout some of the products you mentioned.


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      Me too! Especially since everyone’s skin is so different.

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    I love seeing other people’s skincare routines! I have that exact same gold tray on my dresser lol

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      HA! That’s awesome!

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    Such good info! I’m excited to try the True Botanicals products you mentioned!

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      Oooh! Did you love it?! It’s so good!

    • Lizzie
    • May 18, 2020

    My skincare routine looks similar! These products look amazing! Need to try them!


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      Then you’re on a great skincare path!

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    Thanks for sharing this! Looks like there are some products you recommended that I should try like that eye oil!

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      It’s really good and lasts forever!

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    Great photos!! My face has been breaking out like crazy since quarantine started, I’ll have to adhere to some of these tips and hope for the best!

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      Try adding in some masks too! They help more than we think.

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    Need to try some of these products! Love these photos, too.

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    Love how detailed this all is!! Definitely need to check out some of these products!

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      Guilty! I love skincare and could talk for hours about it!

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