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skincare routine

I want to preface this again with the fact that I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR PROFESSIONAL! While these are products that work for me, not everything works the same on different skin types. Try what is best for your skin and always start off small. Don’t change all of your products at one time. Start with one for a week and then add in another new one. Always stop using something if your skin appears irritated. You have to find what works best for you!

A person’s morning and night routine are very different. My skincare in the morning is significantly less than at night. I mostly want to focus on my night routine and give y’all the scoop on the products I use for that.


In the morning I will wash my face in the shower with just one of the cleansers listed below. Once I am out and my face is dry I apply some vitamin c, moisturizer depending on the time of year and then sunscreen. Sunscreen being the most important part! If I am feeling crazy into my makeup I’ll add a primer before I start my makeup routine. It’s very simple and straightforward.


Now here’s where the crazy happens. My night time skincare routine is a serious process and one I do not neglect! It does not matter how tired I am I will always wash my face and put on some products. ALWAYS!

So I am a believer in the double cleanse. Heck, if you count the make up wipe I start with then technically I triple cleanse at night. What you cleanse with honestly doesn’t matter that much because it’s going to be washed away anyway and doesn’t stay on your skin that long. Just pick something that is cheap and works well. It’s worth it more to spend the bulk of your money elsewhere.

Cleanse 1: I always start with a makeup wipe. Your makeup wipe doesn’t matter and is a personal choice. My favorite is the Target dupe of Neutrogena wipes and no the Neutrogena wipes do not compare. It’s the Target dupes all the way! These take off all my face and eye makeup. I try not to rub it on my eyes hard and simply just rub my lashes to get mascara off. I prefer these because they are super moist and don’t dry out quick.

Cleanse 2: After I get all my makeup off I heat up the water and cleanse with this Mario Badescu Acne Cleanser. To me this stuff is a good second step of getting makeup off. It doesn’t lather like crazy but after my makeup wipe you can see the water cloud up with other makeup still coming off my face.

Cleanse 3: This last cleansing step I feel like is finally down to my actual skin and is actually cleansing the skin and not just getting the makeup off. I use Image Skincare Salicylic Gel Cleanser. This is from the same line that my friend used for the chemical peel. Another really good one I think I will transition to is this La Roche-Posay one. It’s much cheaper and works just as good I think.

Toner/Exfoliant: As I talked about in my skin journey post having a chemical exfoliator is important. I use this every other night to every night. I’ve purchased this twice so far and I think I may end up not purchasing it again. I bought a chemical exfoliator mask and do that once a week as well as dermaplane so I think that is enough exfoliation.

Retinol: Again please read how important retinol is here. (Same with the next step too!) There is a ton of Retinol products out there. It really is about finding which product works for you. I started out with using Differin which is such a good product for acne! I can’t use it every night just because it is so harsh. I usually alternate every other night between it and this Dr. Gross retinol. I am really really wanting to try Sunday Riley’s new A+ retinol too. I know that these products are expensive but they are worth it and last a while. It’s much better to save up and spend your money on something that will last you 6 months and be super potent that entire time, rather than something cheap that stops working after month 1.

Vitamin C: As I mentioned above it is super important to spend your money on things that are worth it. Vitamin C is super unstable and will oxidize and lose effectiveness when exposed to air and water. Ideally, vitamin C is the most effective when it comes in an airtight packaging or contains ferulic acid (because it stabilizes vitamin C). If you just buy a face cream that has some vitamin C in it, it’s pretty much non effective. Vitamin C and Ferulic are a winning combination. One really good one I’ve used is Peter Thomas Roth’s Potent-C serum. The best one that every dermatologist and esthetician will recommend is the SkinCeuticals one, but that’s a pretty penny to spend. A pretty good dupe of the SkinCeuticals is this one from MaeLove. If you read the reviews it talks a lot about how similar they are. While I totally saw a difference with the MaeLove one it just didn’t work for it. I found it oxidized pretty fast and as it did so I broke out a bit more from it. That’s not to say that will happen to you, but Vitamin C is tricky. So find what works for your skin but make sure it is a stable choice. I am about to start trying the Sunday Riley CEO. I chose that one because it is similar to the PTR one, but includes glycolic acid which helps fades scars.

Moisturizer: I don’t use this every night (like I should) but just about most nights. I like this one since it doesn’t leave me greasy. I can even use this in the morning before my make up and it’s not a problem. I’m linking the mini version of the First Aid Beauty Hydration because that’s what I bought and it has last me a long time! I don’t even think you need a full size.

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    The Mario Badescu acne cleanser works MIRACLES! Loved reading your routine!


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      Right! They have some really good products!

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