My Sister, The Graduate

So I am first going to start this post off apologizing for my lack of activity over here on the blog. It has been a busy week, and I have another busy one coming up! Please bare with me here.
Anyway I know it’s Monday and I usually recap my weekend, but something exciting happened this weekend so we shall recap tomorrow!
I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel so old. She’s all grown up. My baby sister is an adult and headed to college. I mean we all knew our siblings would grow up one day, but it is still so strange to see it happen!

I don’t really remember much about my own graduation. I wasn’t really into it, and my senior year I had changed schools so friends were scarce. I was just so ready to get out of high school and onto the next stage in life.

However, seeing my sissy graduate and all the fun things that she has got to do this past year makes me wish I could have had that experience. It’s something that I am now striving to do in college. I want to make those lasting relationships, and awesome memories. 

Except now I get to do it with my sister! We haven’t been at the same school in two years and I am so excited to have her with me. She registered for classes this past week. Once again it is so weird to see her growing up! 

So Congratulations Graduates! I am so proud of you!! 


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