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Hello My Dear Friends!

How are your weeks going? Mine has been pretty exciting with the new house. The official move in date is Saturday, and I could not be happier! I cannot wait to be sleeping there. Even if it is all not set up, I just want to be out of this rental house.

So my life lately # 1 is this picture that I grabbed while D and I were at a Bible study on Tuesday. We used to go to this study about a year ago until I got super busy with school. So we decided to stop on by the study again. It was really fun, and I enjoyed going to a study together. It is a rare thing that we get to together in our very busy lives.
# 2 is that I have finally found and unpacked my books!! I am so ecstatic! Books are one of my absolute favorite things, and I have missed mine so much!


 # 3 and the last one for the post is this picture I instagrammed of D and I playing the board game stratego. It was one of my favorite games while I was growing up. I found this one at a thrift store a couple weeks ago and I have been dying to play it! My dad and I used to play this all the time together while I was growing up. Both D and I are super competitive, and we played a pretty competitive game! Just saying I won 😉 Not that I would gloat or anything! 

So that is my life lately and the link up with Heather!

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    I LOVED the Sierra Jensen books when I was younger! I remember I thought they were the coolest thing ever. I'm pretty sure if I picked one of them up today I'd still love it!

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      I love them!! You should go read the Christy Miller. Those books start out before Sierra Jensen. The way the author wrote all of her series is so awesome!

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