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essential oilsEssential oils…you either love them or you hate them. They are everywhere recently and everyone has an opinion. They can almost be as annoying as all the people who sell things on instagram and while I totally get that I just beg you not to write them off. So whats mine opinion? I love them! I use them for many different things, and I totally believe that they help. I’ve been using essential oils for about 3 years now, and while I do not use them for everything or know everything about them my knowledge has grown.

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this on my blog before, but for the past few years migraines and I go hand in hand. At the beginning of 2014 I was halfway through my sophomore year or college. I had recently started the design program and all of the sudden I was constantly having headaches. It was a daily thing that ranged from an annoying dull pain to a full blown migraine that was affect by sound and light. At first I assumed it had to do with how much time I was spending in front of a screen but once they continued into summer with no relief I was annoyed. Nothing brought me relief and eventually I just stopped taking any sort of pain medication because it didn’t help. It felt like I had some sort of headache every day that year. By the end of the year I had been to the eye doctor, my normal doctor and was waiting to see a neurologist. I was simply going through the list of things to try and find the problem and some relief. That was when the graduate assistant in the office I worked for on campus gave me a small sample of peppermint oil. And oh I was praising the Lord after trying that! While it didn’t take my headaches away it gave me more relief than any pain medication had in about a year. That was just about all it took to get me hooked.

I started out by trying out a starter kit that included in peppermint, lemon, and lavender. Eventually I purchased a physicians kit that is supposedly able to replace your medicine cabinet. Now that’s not me. I firmly believe in modern medicine and going to the doctor. I am not that person who won’t take any medication or use cleaning products. I simply try to reach for my essential oils before I reach for medicine. It’s a small way that I try to use more natural things.

Something that I want to preface about essential oils is that they are not a 100% fix everything item. Just like certain medications only work for certain people essential oils are the same way. Peppermint oil gives my dull headaches some relief, but maybe it doesn’t for you. That’s normal! Lavender works wonders for sleep, but it doesn’t for me. It gives me really strange dreams. Yet, a blend of lavender, chamomile, and vanilla totally helps me sleep amazing! I think people start trying essential oils and think they are some kind of magic that will fix all their problems within the first few minutes. You medicine, cleaning products or creams don’t work like that and neither with these natural products. You simply have to try it out and find what works for you.


So now that you’ve heard my story I want to introduce you to Mikaela. She is a distributor for young living essential oils. While there are many different brands of essential oils some are obviously better than others and young living is the best of the best! You can simply tell they are better by how potent a smell is compared to some that are diluted just from opening a bottle. Mikaela has a great instagram all about how she uses essential oils and some of the ways are really inspiring! She’s so friendly and helpful and would love to answer any questions you have regarding essential oils or why you should chose young living. Her e-mail is

Comment below and tell me if you use essential oils and how!

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    Wow! So sorry to hear about your migraines but glad you found some natural relief! I’m not a great sleeper and have tried lavender oil but it didn’t work for me either—your vanilla and chamomile addition sounds amazing though! Will have to try.
    xx, Tyler

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