My Crazy, Busy Weekend

Happy Monday! Today I am not so pumped that it is Monday…I am still exhausted from this weekend, and school is just not so exciting. However, I was just scrolling through tumblr, and saw this awesome quote that said “It’s Monday. God is going to do some amazing things this week. Get ready!” Which really put things into perspective for me. How often do I need to go into the week with this attitude rather than a “Blah! It’s Monday..” So I challenge you today to go into the week with this attitude instead.
My weekend started out Friday night the minute I got off of work. Friday night was my school’s student leadership kickoff. I got to meet our incoming interns for the next year. It was so awesome to meet everyone and see how we all mesh. It is such a different feeling this time around since I kind of know what I am getting myself into. 

Saturday of course was the big day!! It feels like Kristen’s engagement went by so fast, and yet I cannot believe that she is married now! The wedding was beautiful and went off without a hitch. She was a stunning bride. It was such a blessing and honor for me to be able to help out, and be with her on her special day. Saturday was super tiring for me though. We were up early, and had so much do too! I am still recovering from this long day.

Sunday was spent in the sun! Literally I was in the sun almost all day! The weather was beautiful! A whole 80 degrees! I got to lay out and tan and worked on some homework. I was a bit bored all day though, but I really did need a day of nothing.

So there’s how I spent my weekend! This week is the last week before spring break, and I have so much going on with school. I cannot wait to be on break! It feels like all the students are just counting down the days! Something exciting that is coming this week is my 20th birthday! I cannot believe its almost here. 3 days to go!


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