My 5 Minute Everyday Makeup


Why You Need An Easy 5 Minute Makeup Routine

When I was in high school and college putting a full face of makeup on was what everyone did. You never went anywhere without full coverage foundation. Now that is not the trend at all! And being older (and hopefully wiser) I care much more about my skincare and my skin looking good that I don’t want to cover it in full coverage makeup everyday. I’d much rather look put together and natural. So with achieving good skin comes less of a need to cover it up.

In comes this very quick 5 minute makeup routine that I’ve been doing most days for the past year or so. I think everyone really leaned into quick easy makeup post pandemic and I hope it sticks around. I also think a quick routine that makes you feel good about yourself is something to master. Whatever season of life you are in I think finding your quick products is important.

My Go To 8 Makeup Products

As with any good routine you should start with SPF. I like using a tinted SPF because it helps even out my skin tone without clogging it up like a foundation. The key here is that I’m using a tinted SPF and not a tinted moisturizer or CC cream.

Next up I go in with concealer and cover up my under eyes and any blemishes I may have.

I have been loving using everything cream based lately and so after concealer I add in my bronzer, blush, and highlighter. This is a quick and easy way to contour your face if that’s what you prefer. I just like to add a little color and dimension. I don’t think too much about it. Remember this is suppose to be quick and easy!

Since I am an oily skin girl I personally like to set my face with powder. If you have dry skin or love the more dewy look then I would skip the setting powder.

Next up is my eyebrows. I personally always have too much eyebrow hair which is why I go for the brow gel. If you wanted to add in more hair then I would go for an eye brow pencil and add some strokes. The gel for me just adds a bit of color and keeps everything in place.

A few quick swipes of whatever your favorite mascara is. I’ve been loving the IT Cosmetics one, but I have used a variety.

Then finish off with either chapsticks, gloss, or lipstick. If I’m just going into the office I will usually go for a chapstick, but if I am going out somewhere and I want to elevate my look then I love these Maybelline Crayon Sticks.



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