Moving, Moving, Moving


Hello Friends!
How was your weekend? Mine was full of boxes…upon boxes…upon boxes! That’s right! It was finally move in day. All day Saturday we moved everything from the lovely rental to our new house!
God must have a sense of humor though! Now I live in Southern California. Where lately it has been 90+ outside. So on moving day we never ever never ever expected it to rain. Especially since we had been putting boxes outside on the grass (as you can see in the picture). It came as a total shock, but we survived and all is well!
Sunday, we all worked on unloading the mess! We mostly worked on the kitchen. I feel like we made some sort of a dent. It is exciting to finally to be in the new house and setting it up.
Donny came over on Sunday to help out and then my mom made a wonderful dinner and I made a cake! We watched Narnia that night.

Over all I feel like my family had a very successful weekend!


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Mariah Cooke
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