More Than Just A Pretty Face

When I started looking for a quote for this post I was searching for something about being more than just a pretty face. Yet, as I searched I started thinking what does that mean? What does being more than a pretty face mean? We all want to be loved for more than our face and body yet where does this come from?
This idea of being more than a pretty face has been something on my mind recently. As I grew up being beautiful meant more than looking good, having the best clothes, or wearing tons of make up. My parents taught my sister and I from a young age that our confidence and beauty came from Christ and Him alone. Being beautiful stems from the inside out. As cliche as that sounds it really is true. Beauty must come from the heart. No one wants a pretty girl that is mean.
Yet, how often does the world we live in portray something different? How often do we see magazines talking about working out, or being simply “pretty?” Now I of all people appreciate prettiness. I like to look at pretty pictures, I love nice clothes, and working with photography a pretty girl is obviously more desirable. I see nothing wrong with any of this to an extent. I mean we as humans are drawn to pretty.
Where’s the line though? I mean if a girl is pretty and has the confidence she must have in Christ why is it that the world around her still just simply seeing her pretty face? Why does it seem to be that we teach the girls to be more than her face and body, yet we stop teaching the boys to love more than a pretty face. When did we stop realizing that being pretty, cute, beautiful, hot, or gorgeous can come from the fact that you laugh with your hands, refuse to drink coffee, stay up late to read your favorite books, or can’t handle a scary movie?
So my challenge is obviously for every woman to find her confidence in Christ. Christian woman have probably heard this challenge many times before. Yet, I want to take it a step further! Be confident, and beautiful! Don’t just settle for being a pretty girl with a hot body. If you feel the need to strive for those things than that’s between the Lord and you. However, find someone who appreciates your odd quirks, and adorable talents. Wait for someone who sees things you didn’t even see in yourself. Let someone memorize you. 
That just doesn’t seem to much to ask to me. It shouldn’t be so rare for men to watch the way a woman lives each day. Wait for that ladies and men strive to love a woman that way.

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    Amazing post. You are definitely beautiful on the outside, but more so on the inside.

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