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I have had this idea for Christmas for a very long time. I saw a monogram sign on pinterest awhile ago, and I knew I just had to try and paint it!
I bought the wood at Lowe’s, and my dad was nice enough to cut it for me. The wood was 5.5 inches tall so I multiplied that by three and got 16.5 inches which is how long by dad cut the wood.
After this I have no idea what he did. I know that he screwed those silver things on the back and used wood glue to keep them together. The one thing I can say when you are doing this is to watch the length of the screws. You don’t want them to come through the other side. This did happen to me. If it happens to you it isn’t a big deal! I thought my sign still looked okay.

After this I stained the wood. That was kind of fun! I had never done this before. I just used an old rag. My mom gave me an glove to wear so I wouldn’t dye my fingers.
All I did was dip the rag into the stain. Then rub the rag along the wood. My mom taught me to go with the grain! Also I made sure to do the edge around the sign since I want to be able to be hung up.

This was the stain I used.

Here is my final product! It is going to be a present for Donny’s parents. I am giving it to them tonight. I really hope they like it!

I traced out the letters before I painted them to make sure everything was centered and even. This was a really cool sign to make. I think I am going to make my own parents one.

What do you all thing? Anything you would change?


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